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Health Care

Granted - our life has changed drastically since Corona. The implications of the pandemic will be felt for years, if not decades. Our economy, our living conditions and our entire social behavior are currently undergoing a fundamental change that is very frightening. This makes it all the more important to protect us all. Together with our partners we ensure that our health system always has enough COVID 19 tests available at fair prices, that there is no shortage of protective equipment and the classroom, hospitals, doctor's offices and all the places we want to visit can be supplied with virus- and germ-free air!

Networks never sleep!

There comes the time when every expanding business will have to face up to the challenge of developing new markets. It actually doesn`t matter whether this concerns growing existing business fields, the creation of foreign subsidiaries, or simply increasing country-specific growth potentials. We will connect you with the right business partners and accompany you all the way through the whole process.

It's up to you how your client looks

Customer relationship management

Winning customer loyalty, cultivating and growing this relationship and benefitting from your satisfied customer base through their positive feedback to other potential clients is a highly underestimated art.

Whilst dealing with existing customers, or acquiring new or international business partners it is not only vital to avoid unnecessary pitfalls, but to cater to your customers ‘needs through competent and anticipatory action, as satisfied customers remain the best, the cheapest and most efficient publicity.

Communications Strategy

We need not take a closer look at the 44th. President of the United States to know, how important it is to have the right communications strategy in order to strive for the desired goal.
Credibility, entrepreneurial vision as well as authenticity represent the communicative pillars that leave a permanent impression, whether you are a great political leader or a great company.

We will develop a customized communications concept in close cooperation with you and your executives and will adapt it according to your specifications and needs, right down to a new corporate identity, if this should be required, even on an international basis.

Yes, we can!

Press relations and Brand communications

The best brand communication will die away unheard, if the relevant media do not take any notice of it.

We will connect you to the key journalists, take care about your press relations and will present your products and your business partners in the right light thanks to our strong network and our innovative partners in the field of media production.


Confucius, the man of wisdom and mild smiles already knew that “the journey is the reward”!
As true and wise as this is: many companies do not stick to this profound message! A clear understanding about all steps of the marketing process will guarantee an innovative, continuous and competitive product range that will meet the necessary requirements to prove competitive on national and international markets.
Needs assessment, product implementation and targeted product marketing are skills that, if constantly monitored and adapted to the current requirements, will enable you as managing director to look upon the daily challenges of your business with the same Confucian wisdom and ease, as the great man himself!


Many company founders and medium sized companies would occasionally enjoy a bird's-eye view over their business activities in order to define whether their efforts are heading in the right direction.
The daily workload as well as the continuously growing decision-making pressure leave little room for an enhanced overview, which forms the basis for sustainable growth.
The lack of such foresight frequently results in an irreversible chain reaction, which can be prevented by clear definition of responsibilities, delegation of activity fields and by continuous revision of company structures.
We offer to develop custom-made structures and provide interim management at attractive rates, thereby sparing your nerves and your budget!


sales development

One of the key factors for success consists in building a competent sales force. A great sales team should be able to react to changing requirements immediately and flexibly.
Customer relations are depending to a large extend on the competence and credibility of your internal and external sales team.
Their commitment, quick reaction, professionalism and dedication, pared with a sustainable sales strategy and constant process monitoring are the guarantee for flourishing customer relations.

Personnel development / personnel search

Growth also implies a constant adaptation of sales structures.
A company’s punch does not only depend on its ability to adjust to the ever-changing market requirements but also depends on creating a highly motivated workforce that is fine-tuned to all operating divisions, willing to communicate and interact as one, from procurement over production to sales.
Especially the development of national and international markets requires a huge amount of “HR-Fine tuning” in order to prevent organizational and communications problems from the start.
That is why a good workforce climate, corporate culture and encouragement of team spirit are the corner stones to ensure high motivation or for that matter a “touch down”.

in critical locations


It will not come as great news, that the world, in which we live, is becoming more and more complex. Whether your trade is to care for the elderly or your company specializes in Hi-Tec, the same questions will always arise: How to find qualified personnel and what makes your location worth living.

And…. How do you achieve to recruit tomorrow’s talents today and make them commit to our company, our scientific institute or to our specialized clinic?
Our partners and we will provide innovative solutions in the field of specialized recruiting relevant to your location.

Start-up consulting

No endeavour requires more courage than the first step into self-employment.
One of the mail obstacles lies in mastering the daily business and not losing focus for the essentials, whilst having to cope with the constant economic pressure.

By the way: our fees are moderate enough as not to cause sleepless nights, even for start-up businesses! So, let us help you keep focus!

Special Services for Fashion

Product analysis / Strategic sales setup

We have a big heart for young creatives!
Rough Edges does not only promote and consult upcoming labels, but will also provide sales agents on a national and international basis.

With more than 25 years of experience in the field of fashion you will find us a competent partner in terms of product and product management, organisation of production, marketing, PR, photo productions, as well as sales management.

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